Web Hosting Best Practices

Good web hosting companies have a 99.9% uptime guarantee with multiple high speed connections to the rest of the world.  Their data centers are securely backed up by uninterruptible power supplies.  They obey national and international Internet laws as well as prohibit adult content and spamming.  You can call their toll free technical support any time day or night.

Elliott Bay Web Design uses  They meet all of the criteria for dependable website hosting at a very competitive price, including free domain names.  We recommend them.

It is recommended that you do your own research before signing any web hosting contract.  Our recommendations are based either on our own experience or the reviews of others.  We recognize that companies we recommend are all good quality hosting companies, but we can not be responsible for how they do their business.

We offer hosting packages. If choosing a hosting company sounds a little tedious, ask about our hosting options. It’s usually best to have the same person who designed your website do the upkeep on it, so we offer a variety of packages that include maintenance time. We also offer additional maintenance time at an hourly rate for any changes you would like done to your website.

Reliable hosting, checked daily, with 15 minutes of maintenance:                                                             $15 monthly

Reliable hosting, checked daily, 15 minutes of maintenance, and e-mail:                                                   $25 monthly

Additional Maintenance and Updates to Website (1 hour minimum, billed by the hour):                            $50/hour


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